Fashion Shop Display


The Zulu Shop Concept was created when I moved to the UK from Durban, South Africa. I was always looking for true African themed goodies to wear and showcase in my home which I was never able to find in the UK.

I have always had a passion for helping others and while working in the textile industry I came up with a unique concept to enrich the lives of artists in Africa and use my expertise selling their artwork on merchandise. I have partnered up with artists in Africa to give them International exposure and financial support, My artists get compensation for every item sold under their collections.

Our core expertise is in textiles but I will be partnering with small British businesses to offer some unique Africa Themed collections too.

At the Zulu Shop we pride ourselves in quality and a variety of our textile items are made from Organic Cotton and are of a High GSM to ensure we meet  our customers expectations on quality.

Thank you for reading about us and I hope you find our concept as exciting as we do and are intrigued to meet our artists!